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An Industry Leader in Virgin and Remill Powder Metal Blends

Rio Tinto LogoAdvantage Metal Powders also has a close relationship with Rio Tinto Metal Powders (Quebec Metal Powders). Rio Tinto offers a full range of powder grades for virtually all PM applications. Rio Tinto is the only major powder producer in the world to manufacture powder that is entirely sourced from a consistent, single-ore base. Consequently, Rio Tinto’s powders offer exceptional cleanliness and consistency, with a goal of helping its customers produce better quality parts by ensuring that the powder is of the highest quality.

ameteklogoAmetek Specialty Metal Products is a global leader in the manufacture of specialty metal powders, precision metal tubes, and high purity strip foil. Their alloy range covers titanium, stainless steel, nickel, zirconium alloys as well as copper and aluminum. Their high performance products are used in a variety of critical applications in aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, and energy fields. Add Ametek symbol also.

chemnet logoAdvantage Metal Powders is a distributor/warehouse of American Chemet Corporation's (Royal Metal Powder) products. Royal offers a wide variety of Copper, Brass, Premix and Pre-alloy Bronze Powders, Nickel/Silver, and Oxide Reduced Copper Powders. Royal produces standard and custom grade powders, specifically designed for infiltration, carbon brushes, brazing pastes, friction applications, bronze filters, bronze bearings, artistic plastic fillers, frangible projectiles, and a wide range of metallurgical and chemical applications.


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