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Tuesday, July 23, 2024


An Industry Leader in Virgin & Remill Powder Metal Blends

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Shipping Hours 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
44 Spleen Road • Ridgway, PA 15853
Call Today: (814) 772-5363
Fax (814) 772-5353

Advantage Metal Powders

Advantage Metal Powders, Inc. supplies quality virgin and remill powder metal mixes, at a competitive price, with on-time delivery. Independently owned and operated, AMP has over 25 years of experience in material processing and blending. We deliver both Virgin and Remill powder blends for the automotive and non-automotive markets. AMP is capable of providing powder blends from 5 lb. to 60,000 lb. lots. Advantage Metal Powders, Inc is ISO 9001: 2015 Certified.

Metal Powder Products

Ferrous Metal Powder Blends

Ferrous Metal Powder Blends

AMP offers all combinations of iron, pre-alloyed iron, copper, nickel, graphite, lubricants, and other additives to meet any MPIF Standard 35 Material Specification.

Remill Metal Powder Blends

Remill Metal Powder Blends

Green scrap (purchased by AMP or the customer's product) is processed back into six different MPIF STD 35 grades: F-0005, F-0008, FC-0205, FC-0208, FN-0205, and FN-0208.

Non-Ferrous Metal Powder Blends

Non-Ferrous Metal Powder Blends

Advantage Metal Powders (AMP) can blend copper, tin, graphite, and various lubricants to make custom brass, bronze, or copper premixes for our customers.

Virgin Metal Powder Blends

Virgin Metal Powder Blends

Over 20 virgin iron and pre-alloyed iron powders, Copper, Nickel, Graphite, and Lubricants in stock with over 2 million pounds of iron powder and additives on our floor.

Introduction to Advantage Metal Powders

Advantage Metal Powders has been in business since 2001 and we are a custom blending facility. We stock over 30 different base irons all to meet MPIF Std 35 specifications along with stocking brass, bronze, copper and four different grades of stainless (304SS, 316SS, 410SS, and 430SS). Give us a call today to see what we do for you.

Pounds of Powder Metal Mixed & Delivered

Years of Experience

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