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Tuesday, July 23, 2024


An Industry Leader in Virgin & Remill Powder Metal Blends

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Shipping Hours 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
44 Spleen Road • Ridgway, PA 15853
Call Today: (814) 772-5363
Fax (814) 772-5353

About Advantage Metal Powders

Some Advantage Metal Powder (AMP) Advantages:  

  • We’re viewed by Rio Tinto (QMP) as a sister company, with a great working relationship and pricing.
  • AMP has 11 blenders, ranging from 5 lbs. to 60,000 lbs.
  • Benefit of larger blends:
    • Longer runs without a lot of changes (die setters are happier).
    • Willing to make larger lots and deliver over 3-4 weeks. (only invoice/delivery)
    • Tighter DC tolerances. We will lab test to dial in DC before making production lot.
  • Excellent relationship with Royal Metal Powders that allows us to warehouse and distribute their products. Customers can buy our inventory through Royal or Advantage.
  • We offer virgin blends, re-mill blends, and composite (mixture of both) blends.
  • 4 Penn State material degreed staff for any technical needs.
  • In our constant quest to improve properties we have developed a high green strength (HGS) additive with proven success in the field.
  • We have 3 lab techs along with a well-equipped lab that includes a Leco spectrometer.
  • We work 6am to 10pm with a live body to assist you during those times.
  • Our staff is extremely diverse across the industry. This includes experience in powder blending, sintering furnace fabrication, part production, and heat treating. This gives us the ability to help our customers through the entire process from start to finish.
  • AMP keeps on stock an average of 1,250,000 lbs. of various iron powder, 50,000 lbs. of additives and over 2,000,000 pounds of remill stock in inventory.
  • Fast, friendly service. Typical turnaround is 2-3 days; can do much less.
  • Private, locally owned. 
  • Total of 17 employees that ship over 30,000,000 lbs. of powder/year.
  • We use a powder inverter instead of a dumper in order to keep contamination and graphite loss to an absolute minimum.
  • We screen all lots as they exit the blenders; little to no chance of foreign materials in mix.