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Sunday, June 23, 2024


An Industry Leader in Virgin & Remill Powder Metal Blends

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About Advantage Metal Powders

Our experience with the HGS Additive has been very positive. We have seen the following results when we added HGS to our standard material formulas:

  • Increased green strength.
  • Eliminates cracking on thin parts.
  • Improves edge definition on complex face detail parts.

The greatest benefit of the HGS Additive is that we were able to reduce our green scrap on our problem parts.

Thank You, Jim Paladino, General Manager,  Ridgway Powdered Metals, Inc.

Jason, I am writing this short note to tell you how well your “high green strength” (HGS) powder additive has worked for Metaltech, Inc. As you were aware, we were having difficulty achieving density with a fairly long straight side part, with deep face detail in the top punch. The material was MPIF FC-0208. Through Advantage’s suggestion, we tried the HGS additive and we were able to successfully press the parts, with a density of 6.5 g/cu3. 

It would be my opinion, that without the additive, Metaltech, Inc. would not have been able to manufacture the parts, without a very expensive rebuild of the tooling to a “bridged multi-level” toolset, with the orientation of the part flipped upside down, with the detail molded from the bottom action of the press. We truly appreciate Advantage’s help to find this solution!

Sincerely, Anthony M. Zaffuto, President, Metaltech, Inc.

Jason, I wanted to express our sincere thanks for helping us with a recent issue that we have been experiencing. Firstly, we already have some experience with your HGS additive, as you recommended it to us a couple of years ago when we were working with a part that had a very thin outside diameter profile, and therefore was susceptible to in-process handling damage. Our biggest concern was the potential risk of our customer receiving a cracked or damaged part, and to this date, we have not experienced any issues with the HGS added material.

More recently, we were having a problem with a thin-walled part in which we had difficulty holding a very tight parallel specification. With your recommendation, we tried the HGS added material, and to our surprise, we saw an improvement in our parallel capability. Not only did our capability improve in regards to holding parallel, but we also saw an improvement in quality as the HGS additive greatly improved the green strength of the component.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us improve our quality through the use of your HGS additive, and we would highly recommend it others who are experiencing similar issues.

Very best regards, Timothy M. Britton, Director of Operations, Clearfield Metal Technologies.